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Gmail:  What’s Not Available?

Gmail provides robust, business-class features, many of which aren’t available in mail applications like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. However, a few capabilities you might be used to in these other applications aren’t available in Google Apps, including:

  • Message flags (such as for Follow-up) -- However, you can use stars, symbols, and labels to highlight messages in your Inbox.

  • Column sorting -- You can't sort messages by clicking the column headings in your Inbox. However, you can use Gmail search options to list messages in order according to sender and date.

What might not be available

  • View options -- You can't change the placement of the reading or preview pane or move any components in the Mail window unless your system administrator allows Gmail labs and you enable the Preview Pane lab.

  • Message recall -- If you send a message that you wish you hadn't, you can't recall it unless Gmail labs are available to you and you enable the Undo Send lab. This lets you recall a message for a brief time after you send it.

  • Read/Return receipts -- The option to get a notification when a recipient opens your message is available only with Google Apps for Business or Education, and only if enabled for your domain. It’s not available with the free edition of Google Apps.

  • Message alerts -- To see a message "snippet" in the lower-right corner of your desktop when a new message arrives, you’ll need to use a Chrome browser.