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Calendar: What’s not available in Google Calendar

Google Calendar provides most of the features you're used to in other applications like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. However, here are some features that aren't yet available or work differently:  

  • Offline access --  To be able to work in your calendar offline, your Google Apps administrator must enable Offline Calendar access for your domain.  

  • Invitation alerts -- To see a message "snippet" in the lower-right corner of your desktop or hear an alert when a new invitation arrives, you’ll need to install the standalone Google Talk Labs Edition client. Otherwise, you'll see an alert in the lower-right corner of your Gmail window. You can also set up a pop-up or email reminder in your Calendar Settings.

  • Drag and drop for attachments -- To add an attachment to an event, you must provide a link to it on the intranet or in Google Docs.

  • Custom view options -- There's no separate reading pane or custom views, and you can't move any components in the Google Calendar window.